Kit Media is my production company, under which I work as both a producer and director.   If you would like to contact me regarding my work in these areas please email

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Director & Producer Demo Reel for Katherine Barrell

Clips include the Following:

“Cannonball” - Director
“Mature Young Adults” - Producer and Director through Post Production
“Issues” - Producer
“The Truth About Rainbows” - Co-Producer
“Roomies" - Producer
“Do Something” - Producer

Directed By: Kent Nolan

Produced and Directed Through Post By: Katherine Barrell

Written By: Wesley J. Colford

Cinematographer: Jordan Kennington

Starring: Olivia Scriven and Landon Norris

SYNOPSIS: Jon and Caitlin imagine in great detail what disasters may occur if they were to loose their heads, follow their hearts and finally kiss.

This first-kiss-fairytale blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, exploring the magic that happens all around us when we fall in love for the first time. 

Directed By: Charles Officer

Produced By: Charles Officer and Tommy Lioutas

Co-Producer: Katherine Barrell

Written By: Gavin Sheppard

Starring: Gord Downie, Shomari Downer

Series Created By: Katherine Barrell and Kent Nolan

Directed By: Kent Nolan

Produced By: Katherine Barrell and Tommy Lioutas

SYNOPSIS: An aspiring young female photojournalist faces a crisis when she must choose between journalistic integrity or celebrity entertainment.