David Lillard | Industry Entertainment
Phone: 323-964-9283
955 South Carrillo Dr. Ste. 300
Los Angeles, CA 90048 USA

Talent Agent:

Bryan Misener | The Characters
Phone : 416-964-8522
8 Elm Street
Toronto, ON M5G 1G7 Canada

Personal Appearance Agent:

Holly Evans | Liaison Publicity & Personal Appearances
Phone : 818-262-9239
Fax: 818-510-3713


For interview requests or social media collaboration requests send to
Interview requests if they are pertaining to Wynonna Earp send to


Email fanmail can be sent to: 

Letter and packages can be sent to:
Kat Barrell
℅ David Lillard
Industry Entertainment
955 Carrillo Dr # 300
Los Angeles, CA 90048

***Read our FAQ page for important info before sending fanmail.***

Please keep in mind that Kat is very conscious of her environmental impact and travels between multiples homes.  We encourage you to avoid sending store bought gifts. If you are in the giving spirit you can donate to Kat’s favorite charity in her honor, the Toronto Humane Society, at


Q: I sent a fan email - how do I know Kat received it?:

Unfortunately due to the high volume of emails Kat receives she is not able to acknowledge their receipt nor answer them individually. But please be assured she has access to this email account and reads them all.  If you sent it, she got it!

 Q: I sent a letter / package in the mail, how do I know Kat received it?:

Kat will keep a running list of the names of all senders from whom she receives letters and packages.  Every few months she will post these names to social media so you know she has received what you sent.

Q: I want to send something to another actor who does not have a mailing address - can I send it to Kat to give to them?

No please don’t.  The cast are traveling all over the world and live in different cities.  It is very difficult to keep track of gifts for other cast members, transport and deliver them.  Kat doesn’t want to lose anything! 

Q: I want to get an autograph - if I mail Kat and photo can she sign it and send it back to me?

Unfortunately due to high demand Kat is no longer able to sign and return photographs sent by mail.  If you would like an autograph they are available at the conventions she attends and please keep your eye out online for the numerous giveaways Kat’s autograph is included in.

Q: I am doing a charity / fan give away.  Can Kat send items / autographs which I can include?:

We evaluate Kat’s participation in such giveaways on a case by case basis.  Please send your request with detailed information including: charity name, estimated date of giveaway, items requested, and method of giveaway (ie: are people bidding on this, is a winner selected by draw, do people apply for this?) to with the subject line < GIVEAWAY: “your charity” >.

Q: I would like Kat to attend / speak at an event.  Who do I ask about this?:

Please email Kat’s manager, (David Lillard, with the details including: dates, time commitment / what you’d like Kat to do , travel, payment details if any, charity it is benefiting if any.

Q: I am writing a book / doing a photo shoot / designing clothing etc and want Kat to be a part of my project.  Who do I ask about this?:

Please email Kat’s manager, (David Lillard, with the details including: dates, time commitment / what you’d like Kat to do , travel, payment details if any, charity it is benefiting if any.

Q: I would like to work on a Blue Eyed Bandit production.  How do I apply?:

We are not looking to fill any positions at this time.  If we are looking in the future Kat will announce this via her social media channels and tell you how to apply.

Q: I have an amazing script I want to pitch to Blue Eyed Bandit.  Are you currently accepting submissions?:

The development slate for Blue Eyed Bandit is currently full and we are not accepting submission at this time.  OR You can email  Please note that if you do not hear back from us within a few months we are not interested at this time.  

Q: I really want to get in touch about something so I am going to email every different address on this list to make sure you see it!:

Please don’t.  We set up different emails to maintain our sanity and make sure we can address everything properly.  If you send an email to and address to which it does not pertain it will be deleted. Sorry!